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Thanks Stephen Tobolowsky! - Big recommendation: The Jitterbug Vipers. Been listening non-stop. New old 40’s style viper songs. Phoebe’s Dream is the name of the album. — Stephen Tobolowsky (@Tobolowsky) October 12, 2014
Live on KXAN Studio 512 TV - The Jitterbug Vipers performed the song, A viper Just the Same! The Jitterbug Vipers specialize in a beloved cult jazz offshoot called “viper jazz,” a screeching U-Turn back to the party where jazz music packed the dance floor and dazzled the audience with brilliant streams of improvisatory musicianship. For their most recent album, Phoebe’s Dream, the group challenged


Exclusive Premiere on Folk Radio UK: Jitterbug Vipers – Crazy (Song of the Day) - We are honored that Folk Radio UK has partnered with us for an exclusive premiere of our new single. Folk Radio Uk is the leading UK music blog & radio station covering Folk, Roots, & Americana LISTEN HERE to our cover version of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy”  
Austin Woman Magazine - Austin Woman Magazine did a big, fat spread on us in their June issue. Check it out!  Thank you AW Media & Molly McManus!
Austin Music Awards! - 2014 Austin Music Awards! Best Jazz Band: The Jitterbug Vipers: #1 Best Bass Players: Francie Meaux Jeaux #1 Best Drummer: Masumi Jones #1 Best Electric Guitar: Slim Richey #1 Best Acoustic Guitar: Slim Richey #3 Best Female Vocalist: Sarah Sharp # 3 Band of the Year: Jitterbug Vipers #5 Musician of the Year: Slim Richey


Wall Street Journal recommends our SXSW showcase! - SXSW 2014: Your Guide to the Best Music Acts http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2014/03/10/sxsw-2014-your-guide-to-the-best-music-acts/ Wowwwww…..!  Thank you Jim Fusilli
Featured on KCRW!!! – Tom Schnabel’s Rhythm Planet - It just keeps getting better !!!!@#$#%$%^^&%$$#@!!! Show #40: A Dozen Choice New Releases   Tom Schnabel from KCRW in Los Angeles features us on his most recent episode. WoWoWoWoWoWoWoWoWoW!!!
NPR Music’s Song Travels with Michael Feinstein! - It’s live!  OMG, Pinch Us! Listen!
Lushly Eclectic Oldtimey Stoner Swing – New York Music Daily - NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY Lushly Eclectic Oldtimey Stoner Swing from the Jitterbug Vipers by delarue A big draw in their native Texas, the Jitterbug Vipers play songs that sound like classics from the 1930s…except that they’re originals. True to their name, the band’s songs are great for dancing, and as oldtime stoner music goes, few other groups compare:


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  1. Rodger Rudkin

    Note for Slim: Was trying to reach you after I learned of the “hit and run” this spring. Hope all is well and you have no residuals from the concussion.

    Have two grand neices at UT this year, one a graduate student, Kellyn Wieland, and the other, Caroline Wieland, a Sophmore. Their parents, Stuart and Kyra Wieland are going to be spending Thanksgiving in Austin and I’ve given this website for reference and hoping they’ll see you at the 606 Club on Friday after Thanksgiving day. If you are not playing with the group that evening, would you let me know?

    I’m hoping they get to see you perform. You were good when I knew you but man, have you gotten great!!! I’ve watched several of the You Tubes of your performances and am really impressed with how far you’ve come.

  2. $2 Bill

    It was a fun show at the AWHQ Christmas Bazaar. I’ve been enjoying your CD and imagining an evening with some icy gin, a joint, a benny, and a sultry blonde. I’m looking forward to one of your shows at the Continental Club. But what is “ASS to the People?”

    • francie

      “ass to the people” is our drummer’s description of our bass player’s stance while playing… she said one time to sarah<our singer, that " mojo is always so ass to the people"… so we have taken it up as our battle cry… so to speak.

  3. Stephanie Chastain

    Hi There–we are looking to book a jazz band for Saturday, March 24th–an Austin Discovery School Gala in East Austin.Please advise us of your availability and cost for a 3-4 hour event.

    Many Thanks!

  4. Rod French

    I just heard you at 400 Congress in Austin. I love your sound. Your vocalist has the most gorgeous voice and the music is wonderful. It’s nice to hear refinement.


    • admin

      Thank you, Rod! Come hear us at The Elephant Room some time. We are there next week on Monday 6:30 – 8:30 & Thursday 6-8. Free Happy Hour.

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